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Open source software can make wireless devices more valuable and useful, introducing innovative new features, faster and more secure communications, and powerful options for households or small businesses. But an FCC proposal aimed at regulating radio frequencies could wipe out these free software projects—unless you speak up today.


Router manufacturers are notoriously slow about updating their software—even with critical security fixes on the way. Under the FCC's proposal, you could have no alternative to running out-of-date and vulnerable firmware.


Independent developers and researchers continuously find ways to improve wireless connections, from enhancing mesh networks to eliminating buffer bloat.


Individuals and small businesses frequently need to customize their wireless devices to suit their needs. Those user choices shouldn't be collateral damage of an overly broad FCC rule.

Tell Congress the future of the Internet matters to you!

Urge your representative to support real Net Neutrality, which means regulating the Internet like an essential telecommunications service. Congress needs to let the FCC know loud and clear: Any FCC rules that would allow Internet providers to discriminate against how we access websites would be a disaster for the future of the open Internet. Share your story.

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I'm calling to let my representative know that the future of the Internet matters to me. Any FCC rules that would allow ISPs to decide how I can access certain content online are unacceptable and will be disastrous for the promise of an innovative and open Internet. I want my representative to publicly and loudly oppose any such rules, and send a message to the FCC that Congress and the public stand united on this.

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